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Handle Name: Danza Espanola

This is the handle name used since 2001. It is borrowed from “Danzas Española” composed by Enrique Granados. I love “Andaluza”.

In the Internet community, it is called by friends as “Danza” or “Dan”. Please call me so.

I am a man. My nationality is Japanese. I was born and raised in Japan, and ancestral Japanese people.

I started blogging from 2005, and I wrote it until 2013 on the website “Nietzsche Club”. For the next four years, from January 2013 to December 2016, I wrote in “Ameba Blog”. This website is from January 2017.

My family and close friends know both me of reality and the internet activities using my handle name.



About my business.

I started a company at the age of 25 and then closed. I became independent again at the age of 30 and founded a corporation and has continued until now. The industry I’ve been involved with was development project consulting for real estate and architecture.

Starting from September 2016, under the theme of “hope”, we started a project to create a society that can fully utilize the “individual” ‘s “individuality” and to transform the “individual” values in society. Registered as a general incorporated corporation in February 2017 and started up.



About my private.

I got married at the age of 22 but divorced at the age of 40. There is a eldest daughter and a eldest son.

I lived with my cat for a long period of 17 and a half years. However, in April 2014 he died of illness and broke up with me. It was a very sad and painful experience. I still remember him cute. I want to meet, protect, and live in co-life again with the baby of the abandoned cat. But for now, I have not met. I love cat.



I live in Ota-ku, Tokyo.

I used to live in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture until I graduated from high school. I lived in Kansai (between Hanshin) for about 7 years. After that, I almost always reside in Tokyo, but it is not “Edokko”.

I was born as the eldest son of a mother who ran a hairdresser and I have a little sister. My mother died at 35 when I was 10 years old. After that, my father died at age 70. The cause of death was both cancer. I had colon cancer at the age of 40, but I had surgery and then remission.



My Bodhi Temple is the Engaku-ji School of Rinzai. I am the eldest son, so I am the representative of the family. But I have almost no faith. Rinzai is a Buddhist “Zen”. Since I was a child, I have been taught from the thought of “Zen” that the way of my life will be developed with my own power. I like the philosophical “Zen” excluding the part of faith.

I am politically nonpartisan. It does not belong to any organization, whether it is business or private. I will continue to be free standing forever both public and private. If some groups invite me to join them, it will end up uselessly.



Nietzsche’s ‘Zarathustra’ is one of my most favorite books. Other than that, I continue to study “Laozi”, “Husserl’s phenomenology”, “Japanese Aesthetics” by Yoshinori Onishi, “Yasuoka-kyougaku” by Masahiro Yasuoka, “Zen”, “Unconscious psychology” and so on.

I will explore “Mujou-kan” of Japanese culture and the beauty of sad heart from now on. Japanese people have one side that affirming sad sentimentalism will improve their mind.

I will continue to think and create “new aesthetic values” until the end of my life. This is my life work.

My hobbies are reading academic books, listening to classical music with audio, shooting with a camera, playing Shogi, cooking, enjoying wine, making and drinking cocktails, playing ball sports ,etc.



About my appearance.

I am told by my family and business associates that they resemble Tom Hanks, but they always say so by looking at my forehead. Shall I aim for Bruce Willis? It was Masato Furuoya and “Hayata members” of “Ultraman” who were said to be similar before.

My height is 177 cm. Weight is 65 to 72 kg.
I sometimes wear glasses because I have poor vision.


What else should I write?

Blood type is O type. The constellation is Pisces. Sleeping time is about 9 hours.

Jung’s psychology type is ENTP type.

I’m not good at routine work or recycled idea, or get up early.

I am not good at food like “Koya Tofu” or “Amazake”, but there is almost no food I hate.

I like to wear red since I was a child, and I don’t like greens.

I use my left and right hands the same way. When I play baseball, I throw the ball with my right hand, but I’m a left hitter. The smartphone is held by the left hand and operated by the left thumb, but the pen is held by the right hand and the text is written. I hold a glass with my left hand when drinking alcohol.



I make use of my inner personality in writing articles.

The categorization of the articles is classified by 12 personalities.

On the link page, there is my inner profile.

Profile 2 : Description / multi-personality mode of categorization

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