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We may think of others as “I don’t know what he is thinking about.” This is the case with others, but within your own innermost do you know which is ‘the real me’? It seems like I have a lot of myself. There may be no “real me”, but it is not a problem even without it.

Not only blogs but also common sense category classifications are divided into, for example, politics / economy / hobbies / study / life /. However, this blog is categorized by the author’s multiple personality. Then, I will introduce my inner 12 personalities.


Wind personality / refreshing mode

In reality, my personality is the Wind personality mode on a daily basis, and graceful attitude ( “isagiyosa” by Japanese) is my belief. I always live in a positive with “Everything will be OK in the end.” Unlike reality, this site gives the main character to the “Mountainous personality”. I think that switching is early. If I think negatively about the optimistic character, that is the drawback of being quick to give up.

Fiery personality / passionate mode

I like Spain, a country of passion. Of course this is my image for Spain. I work on various things passionately. I have an aspect of a hot heart that is contrary to the graceful attitude of the “Windy personality”. On the other side of passion and momentary principle, sentimentalism coexists.

Mountainous personality / solitude and philosophical mode

I am the type that acts alone. It is an outsider socially. I hate to be flocking with people. The space and time of solitude that is not disturbed by anyone can not let me go. I will never feel lonely for solitude. Due to the nature of this website, I write most often in this philosophical mode.

Personality in the valley / Secular mode

In Japanese, “仙(sen)” means that people live alone in the mountains, and “俗(zoku)” means that people are engaged in group life in the valley. We must live as a member of society with common sense in the world of valleys. The real world where people are intertwined is not beautiful at all. I use this valley mode when writing about world affairs such as politics, economy, news.

Late night personality / Mode created by sensibility

A jet black darkness that has calmed down. I am the most sensitive at night time. When I am released from the restraint of my left brain doing language thinking, I have a feeling that the right brain is activated at night. A time zone where sensibility can be enriched is essential to my creative activities.

Pure personality / Eternal boy’s mode

Childish mind mode. When I was a child, I thought, “Oh! I got a good idea!” And had a surprising mischief. And the adults beat me. The child has grown adult as it is. I have a strong imagination (also called delusional power). Even now, I keep reading the manga of the boy magazine every week. The eternal boy in “Le Petit Prince” is another side of me.

Watery personality / Flexible development mode

Water, which transforms into any shape, is a symbol of a flexible way of life. The fixed idea is an enemy for me. I will always open up the possibilities of the future and create new things. I cherish the inspiration of ideas from unrealistic, irrational, inefficient, unplanned, chaotic, and naturally occurring matching.

Personality that emits light / Mode to create hope

The activities I have started since 2017, both business and private, all have the theme of “Creation of Hope”. Hope is born in the practice of challenging change. If someone else observes my attitude to challenge me, I believe that hope is created in those people’s hearts. Light is a symbol of hope. It is a mode when I write an article with a challenge spirit.

Personality like cherry blossoms / Mode that values Japanese culture

The Japanese symbol flowers are cherry blossom and chrysanthemum. In particular, Japanese people instinctively imagine their death seeing the scene where the cherry blossoms are falling. I was born and raised as a Japanese. In my heart is the traditional Japanese culture. It spells the emotional worldview and the sentimental worldview including history by Japanese sensibility.

Personality of the earth / Mode as part of Mother Nature

Japanese have the thought that “If I die, I will return to the soil.” Soil is the earth. Humans are part of the earth. Wherever I live, where I die, I am part of the earth. I live as the earth in the earth. A mode of mind based on such a holistic perspective.

Twilight personality / Mode of mental well-being by sentimentalism

The sentimentalism is strange. Many ordinary people hate sadness as bad things. My feelings of sorrow can be transformed into a moisture that the mind fills. In terms of music, I particularly like classical music in the minor part, Spanish music in the minor part, the Bolivian folklore and sorrowful ballads.

Personality of bird’s point of view / Intelligent and intoxicating mode

I sometimes use a higher perspective of view. This makes it possible to notice some rules and similarities and to facilitate the overall decomposition and analysis. It is the mode that I write down such a thing. For me, the discovery of intellectual ideas can be one of the simultaneous equations.


Even with many personalities, it is impossible to write using only one personality. Some other personality modes are mixed and fused.

We understand our many personal qualities by meta cognition. Of course it may be far from accurate. However, there are many benefits to doing self-meta cognition. It leads to the growth of personality. (It will not be detailed here because it will be longer)

Humans, on the other hand, wear masks in various scenes in social life. What kind of influence does the social mask have on our inner workings? “Unconscious research in psychology” is one of my themes to consider.

Not only the multifaceted personality, but also the pluralistic worldview that exists inside, and changing the viewpoints in multiple directions, and not only space but also time, the perception and interpretation of the world changes in various ways. It also diversifies the definition of my will, happiness, and success.

The above is the explanation of my multi personality category.



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