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On May 1st, in Japan, the “era of Reiwa(令和)” began and two months passed. Although there was a lot of pros and cons of the meaning of “Reiwa(令和)”, Japanese people get bored, and the topic has disappeared. We are getting more and more familiar with the name of “Reiwa(令和)”. “Heisei(平成)” will get older gradually. This has been experienced in “Showa(昭和)”.

The Japanese government introduced the meaning of “Reiwa(令和)” to overseas as “Beautiful Harmony.” However, according to Prof. Nakanishi, who is the creator, “Rei(令)” is considered “Uruwashii(麗しい).”

“Rei(令)” is “Uruwashii(うるわしい). New era “Planner” Susumu Nakanishi

In general, we are not familiar because it is a kanji that does not pronounce in Japanese, but it is a concept of” Uruwashii(令しい) “. Along with” good “, it is a word of the highest rank of beauty.

If I understand Professor Nakanishi’s intentions, I think that the Japanese context is different from mere beauty. The image of “Rei(令)” is “elegance” rather than “beautiful”, given that it is being used for “Reijin(令人)”, “Reifujin(令夫人)” and “Reisoku(令息)”.

If I would like to introduce overseas, “Rei(令)” to be “Elegance” and “Reiwa(令和)” to be “Elegant Harmony”.


By the way, in the “Reiwa era,” I expect that international sharing of information will be in full swing at a civilian level. I decided to internationalize this website, making the name change of the era a good opportunity. It is two months late, though.

As a starting point, I decided to transmit in 7 languages including English, German, Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese. Arabic and others are for further study.

I’m indebted to Google’s translation app, but instead of translating the same page automatically, it translates one page at a time (one sentence at a time for work) and creates another page manually. This reason is for the search system.


I prepared a privacy policy in preparation for sending in 7 languages. I learned that attributions and disclaimers that must be observed when using Google’s translation app must be displayed separately in seven languages. My profile is also important.

First and foremost strengthening compliance is fundamental to both business and private. A society that achieves freedom of expression is established and maintained as people who make up society continue to make efforts, while respecting the intellectual property rights of others.


Because the amount of work is huge, I will make little by little. Translation accuracy is probably low. However, Google’s translation accuracy will not decline but it will continue to rise, and it will be a matter of time for the translation page itself to be created automatically.

First, translate the original Japanese into English using Google’s translation app. However, in most cases, the meaning of the translated English is completely different. Therefore, I work to change English while changing Japanese text. When English is completed, we translate English into other languages.

With multilingualism, more than 3 billion of the 7.2 billion people in the world should be covered. But here is a personal website and no affiliate. Most of the topics I’m writing are academic inquiry, and it may be rare for an individual to do this in seven languages.


Attempting a new outgoing style of website is unintended. There is no benefit for myself. I will not provide any benefit to others. There is no such idea of utilitarian purpose, there is no purpose. It is an image of “somehow, this style”.

With this change to the new style, nothing may happen. There may be actions from the outside world, such as comments and inquiries from abroad. Sending in this style may change something inside me.

Also, I have redesigned the overall structure of this site. I decided to release the comment section of each page. Some links have been cut from the site. The multi-lingual version’s post starts with this post today. Translation work may be the next day.


Please enjoy this website.




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